Podcast Guest FAQ

Here are the most common questions that guests ask me about the podcast interview process.

Should I do anything to prepare?

It’s ok to be nervous. I am every time I do an interview. Just think of it as a chat between friends.

We will just have a nice, casual conversation. I’ll ask questions as I see opportunities to get more awesome details from you.

I will for sure ask you these questions:

  • Tell me a little about yourself and your company
  • How did you get started with this business?
  • What question am I not asking you that I should be?
  • Where can my listeners go to learn more about you?

Is this audio Only?

We will do the interview via a zoom conference. I like to turn on video so we can have a better experience while chatting, but I will only use the audio. Don’t worry about your appearance! I’m usually unshaven and look like I was dragged behind a car.

What equipment do I need?

You’ll want to connect to the zoom meeting from your computer. If you happen to have an external microphone, please use it.If not, we will make due.

We will both connect to a zoom meeting. Zoom requires a decent internet connection. Don’t connect from your phone.

Can I use profanity?

Hell yes you can!

Can I promote my thing?

Yes. I will ask you where people can go to find out more about you. This is your change to promote your thing.

A few extra tips

It’s important that you connect from a quiet location.

Go to the bathroom before we start and get a glass of water.