Escape Plan 8

Escape Plan 8 Last week of vacation. I’ve been working on my bait.

No One Cares About Your Ideas

No One Cares About Your Ideas I rant about ideas being useless without all the effort to make them a reality.

J. Money talks about Selling His Financial Blog

J. Money Talks About Selling His Financial Blog I talk to J. Money, the creator of Budgets Are Sexy, about Selling his successful financial blog to Motley Fool. You can find J. Money online at https://jmoney.biz/

Picking the Ideal Customer

Picking the Ideal Customer Today I talk about picking the ideal customer. I mention some of the pitfalls of choosing poorly.

Jeffrey Gagnon on Trading Options

Jeffrey Gagnon ON Trading Options Jeffrey Gagnon is a personal trainer by day. He spends his spare time trading options for profit. He's 2ish years into his trading journey and offers his advice on getting into trading.

Evan Delaney on Running an App Consultancy

Evan Delaney ON Running an App Consultancy Evan Delaney runs a software consultancy that specializes in mobile apps for businesses. Join us as we talk about the ups and downs of the business. Evan also shares some awesome tips around using personality typing to help...

Escape Plan 5

Escape Plan 5 Back by popular demand, it's Escape Plan 5! This week I surveyed my audience to figure out key pains that I can solve. Special thanks to Preston McGowan for convincing me to resurrect the escape plans.  

Get Clarity On Who You Serve

Get Clarity On Who You Serve All too often I've approached it backwards. I create something that I think is cool then try to figure out who to sell it to. I talk about why this is backwards and the importance of getting clear about who you will serve in your...

Rob Pepple talks Photography

Rob Pepple Talks Photography Rob Pepple talks about his successful Landscape Photography business and his transition to working part time on it.   You can find Rob online at https://pepplephotography.com/