The Curse of Knowledge

I talk about how the curse of knowledge can hold us back from taking action. Sometimes it sabotages our ability to do anything at all and sometimes it makes us believe we are not good enough.

Are You Holding on to Negativity?

We've all had negative experiences in or lives. Are you holding on to them and harboring resentment? Today I talk about why this is bad and how I've been learning to let go of negative things in my life.

Employing Brutal Efficiency

Employing Brutal Efficiency I talk about how I approach most tasks with an eye towards efficiency. I share how I optimize everything in my life to a fault.

Have you found the right mentors?

Have You Found the Right Mentors? Mentors shape us in amazing ways. I talk about how it's key to find the right mentors and what my mentors have done for me.

Why Do You Fall Off the Wagon?

Why Do You Fall Off the Wagon? How many times have you stopped a diet or given up an exercise routine? It's ok. We all fall off the wagon. I talk about why this happens and how we can fix it. I share my story about reaching rock bottom with my diet and how I rallied...

Buying is an Emotional Decision

Buying is an Emotional Decision Today I talk about how buying is an emotional decision. I tell the story of how I first learned this concept and applied it to my own consulting business.

Mike Hambright on becoming a Real Estate Investor

Mike Hambright ON becoming a Real Estate Investor Mike is a veteran real estate investing entrepreneur who has rehabbed and wholesaled over 400 houses. He has built a rental portfolio consisting of single-family properties and has an ownership stake in over $35M of...

Attracting Customers

Attracting Customers I talk about the steps ahead for attracting customers to your offering.

Make a Great Offer

Make a Great Offer I talk about how to make a great offer so you don't end up competing on price.